Today we’re going to discuss the topic of simplicity and minimalism or keeping your design simple and uncluttered. Keeping your design simple can make it easier for your viewers and users to navigate and operate easily through your web page. A key step in keeping it simple is to never overload your viewer with too much content or information.

The next key point we will cover in this article is to never put extra information on a specific platform. For example, if you are designing a web site on how to do wood crafts, do not put tips on how to mold clay on the same platform. The points you will use for molding clay would not relate to the wood working you are trying to inform your viewers about. This will only confuse them and distract your target audience from the actual topic.

For the next point we will cover organization and how that alone will optimize your simple design. You can have a platform with a lot of content without overloading your target viewer very easily with this key point. Design a table of contents or menu for your viewer base. Allowing your viewers to be able to choose their topic of interest from a well organized list can make all the difference. Another good tip for optimizing your organization, is to keep the points of information in order in the way they would be used or needed. Helping  your viewer understand will increase your rating and growth of traffic.

For our next point we will discuss the use of different platforms and multiple ways of showing your content. To stay with the example mentioned earlier in this article, say someone who wants to learn woodworking is more of a visual learner than a reader. This would make the use of an explainer video with a demonstration much more useful for that individual. A more auditory learner may prefer to read an article or just hear the instructions. So keeping the points short and easy to flow can help you use the many different ways to push your content out wile keeping the design simple.

When we think about all the web sites on the internet today that are alive and well, we know they are taking in feedback and using this to keep their viewers happy. This can be one of the biggest points for being a minimalist with a successful web site. Some people will see things differently and think some information is more useful to help obtain the goal at hand than you may. Here taking in some feedback and catering to the majority of your viewers and giving them what they require to meet their needs is a great key for simplicity.

All these topics we have listed in this article will help with reducing the overflow of information. In the event of designing a web site as a minimalist keep these in mind and you will be sure to take the lead. Good luck!