Visit back soon for a new article on how capsule websites can be used for local business. We’ll be featuring an example for use on multi-location businesses such as this landscaping co. 

Capsule websites are simple and user-friendly websites that never fail to appeal to most online users today. Most sites are packed with lots of features that make them look dull and tiring to navigate. Although it is beneficial to give as much information to your visitors as you can, most of them would still prefer a site that is straightforward and easy to use. Here are several trends that you can follow for your website to achieve a minimalist yet informative look.

Uncomplicated Navigation

Having a site full of links that are not useful at all might confuse your customers. If you want to prevent your visitors from going away, then you should give them a website with links that are easy to find and instantly recognizable. Make it effortless for them to discover all the essential elements such as the home page, about us, contact page, and the service page of your website.

Using Photos As Your Background

Large photos for a website’s background are very trendy these days. It leaves a great impression on your visitors as long as you are using photos that suit your site. If your website is all about fashion, it is a good idea to have a photo of a dress as your background. One thing to remember when using this design is to make sure that your text is still readable even with the background.

Exciting Typography

Minimalist websites are not just easy to navigate but can also capture the visitors’ attentions. And one of the best ways to do this is through words that will intrigue them. A good typography will make your visitors focus on the words and content of your website. A good typography that is used by most minimalist websites is a thick bold style.


Bringing contrast to your page will give more focus to other elements of design in your site. Contrasting is not only done through colors but also by using size, location, scale, and shapes.


Giving your website a blank space will attract the visitors to the element that you want to emphasize in your design. It lets their eyes wander around your site and focus on the text or the words that you want their attention on. If those who visit the site are bombarded with too much to look at, they might be turned off or might not want to re-visit the site anymore.

Effective Visual Framework

A good minimalist design needs to have an equally good foundation. It should have these three parts: a strong grid, a balance of visuals, and proper alignment. The framework will allow the designer to properly arrange the parts of the website in a way that suits his or her purpose and get the intended message across.

Creating a capsule website is possible with a minimalist design that shows off your site’s elegance and style while staying user-friendly. Remember to keep everything simple for your design and use techniques like contrast, typography, and space to stress on the important elements of your site.