The only thing constant in the world of online advertising is change and how we deal with the trends that change the landscape of our online markets. Mobile devices and the need for responsive web design was one of the biggest events to shake the online markets last year as the popularity of these devices caused web designers to seek better ways of maximizing user experience.

Following are a few other important lessons we learned in web design for the past year that we can fully expect will be important in 2017 as well.


Because of their propensity to be very well designed and also highly simplistic, these micro-interactions can also be very potent design features. When they are properly appointed, these micro-interactions provide an intuitive way of engaging your audience. However they can be pretty counter-productive if they are not properly applied.

As we continue to work with this important lesson in web design, we designers will see more experience in micro-interactions and this can further simplify the actions we take.

As we designers streamline our web experiences, we’ll see and create more microinteractions to help us simplify the actions we need to take.

2.Reliance on images over text

The importance of top quality photography will continue to increase as web design evolves in 2017. While solid copy will not be going out of style as it strengthens the web site, but if you can say the same thing with a picture, short animation or video clip, it would be far more effective to include these elements in your web design.

Written content is still important as SEO is not going to work well without it. But every time you add another text block to your site ask yourself this ” Is there a more concise, engaging and appealing way of conveying this message.

3.Designing with real data

Mockups were the pretty designs that can display the concept of a web site more effectively. But all these images and text blocks or lorem ipsum statements are not actually any good. Doing the designing work with actual data is the best way of going about this as you receive better insights into how the web site will actually function.

This is because it will allow you to experience the most common problems that affect web design like long headlines, low quality imagery and more. Designing with proper content actually makes the overall task easier on the writers and designers making the page.

4.The Long Scroll

While this was considered a bad design idea, the long scroll has been found every effective for mobile users and therefore widely accepted as a part of modern web design. Navigation is improved and the eye catching transitions can add a delightful process to the run of the mill web page browsing.

The long scroll also changes the UX design, which allows for simpler interaction models and a narrative approach to your display.